Swaged Series

Swaged aluminum grating is widely used in a large range of industrial & commercial applications. It is assembled by permanently attaching cross bars to bearing bars through a high hydraulic pressure swaging process. The finished product is both functionally durable and aesthetically pleasing. Aluminum grating is light weight, high strength and corrosion free which makes it a sought after alternative product.

Expanded Series

The expanded walkway is the most practical and economical way to assure strength, and safety with its expertly designed patterns and skid-free surface . It is much easier to install by welding or bolting to fit any sizing criteria.Safety walkways can be ceiling-hung or supported from the floor or adjacent structures, including racks or mezzanines. Expanded walkway panels can also be installed as part of an architectural facade system.

Steel Bar Grating

Steel bar grating is still the most commonly used material in many industrial applications. It has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and can be easily fabricated to any configurations. It requires virtually no maintenance and has an inherent anti-slippery property. Widely used in power plant, chemical plant, oil refinery, iron and steel works, paper mill, food processing plant, pharmaceutical manufacture, sewage treatment plant, civil engineer projects and other areas, welded steel bar grating is the most popular of all grating types due to its strength, cost efficiency and ease of installation.

Swaged Fin Louvers

Swaged Fin louvers, or trafficable louvers is an innovative product that serves two separate functions. With all the benefits of sunscreen louvers, it can also be used as a trafficable platform for cleaning and maintenance of the exterior walls residential or commercial buildings.


Aluminium Bar Grating

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